Chain Reaction Urban Farm is owned and operated by Jared Regier in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with the moral support and an occasional helping hand from his wife Rachel as well as other friends and family. 


Since 2015, the following standards have guided our operation, as we have set out to provide the safest and most sustainably grown food for our community. 

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We have established a land base entirely within the core of Saskatoon by converting unused space into productive vegetable gardens.  We avoid the use of synthetic fertilizers and dangerous pesticides which sets our produce beyond even "organic" certification standards.  

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We use human power for our farm work, meaning that our field labour is done with hand tools, and our tool and vegetable transportation is done by bike.  Additional energy required for grow lights and refrigeration is supplied by our 6.5 kW photovoltaic system.  These methods allow us to keep our farm footprint as low as possible.

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Our farm is built on the close relationships that we maintain with our members.  The commitment our members make to the farm in advance allows us to plan carefully and operate with minimal waste, and our commitment to our farm members means they can count on enjoying the best food our fields have to offer each season.