Chain Reaction Urban Farm is run by Jared and Rachel Regier.  

Our passion for sustainable living runs deep.  In fact, it is what brought us together years ago when we joined forces to teach the Earthkeepers highschool program.  As leaders with Earthkeepers, we learned a lot about how our North American lifestyle is impacting the planet and the people we share it with.  We also gained a lot of experience growing food with our students.  We enjoyed being part of a network of innovative thinkers and community leaders in Saskatoon, and we loved working on exciting projects with our students to inspire change in our city.  


When we decided to get married in 2014, the Saskatoon Public School Division leaders informed us that this meant we could no longer teach together, and we took this as an opportunity to change gears.  We were motivated to find another way to have a positive impact on our community, and we both wanted to spend less time staring at our computers and even more time in the great outdoors.  After all the brainstorming had subsided, farming stood out above all other options for the active lifestyle it offers, the creative problem solving it requires, and its fundamental value in a healthy community.  There is no time like the present, so we immediately began plans to transition into a career of urban farming beginning in the summer of 2015. 

We named our farm Chain Reaction for two reasons.  The first is to show our commitment to using bicycles for all of our farming tasks.  Farming by bike may sound a little extreme, but for us it was a simple decision.  We know that it is possible to farm by bike and we are serious about using sustainable farming practices right down to the way we transport our food and tools.  We consider this our peaceful zero emission counter, or "chain reaction", to the failing fossil fuel driven economy. 


We also like the name Chain Reaction for its reference to the idea that large transformation is possible when small changes spread.  While our political votes don't always seem to matter, the daily choices we make with our dollars and lifestyle have a huge impact on the world around us.  We love the subject of food because we all make food choices everyday, and collectively, we can trigger positive changes by being thoughtful about the food we buy.  Our farming practices make it easy for our members to make sustainable food choices.  If you are ready to make a change, your food is the perfect place to start.