"This was our first summer of membership and we loved the variety of fresh, local vegetables! Since there are only two people in our household we opted for the Starter Kit to ensure we didn't get too much produce. This was the perfect size for us to keep up. Most of the produce was very easy to pack into my lunch and take to work. The ability to switch out certain produce during pick up also allowed extra flexibility to ensure everything was eaten. The variety of produce also re-introduced me to some vegetables that I remember being on my Grandma's table (think parsnips and leeks!) and I loved being able to pull from her recipes to prepare food for my family."

Aleta Schellenberg

"We enjoyed the great taste of fresh produce. We used the recipes about half of the time and this gave us a new experience of cooking and creating a new meal together.  The recipes were extremely helpful and a welcome touch so that we used our vegetables and did not have food go to waste."

Jenn Selkirk


"This was our first year and we felt it was well worth it, we bought almost no veggies in the store all summer long, ate only tasty organic stuff and got a few different crops to cook with was a fun challenge."

Jack Nolan


"Our farm share was shared between 3 family members living in 3 locations. We cannot often share meals but sharing the veggies and the dishes we made each week gave us the essence of family meals. Freshness, from good farming practices, made even snacking on raw carrots so delicious that it was something to talk about with each other!"

Susan Mills

This part of our farm is about you and it is the most meaningful part of our work as farmers.  We get excited about helping people make good food choices because the positive impacts of these choices extend far beyond the dinner table.  When you eat fresh sustainably grown food, you improve your own health and the health of your community.  Sometimes, we just need a little encouragement to head down the right path. 


We give you that encouragement by making sure that you have a steady supply of high quality food.  Our members receive a weekly box of fresh vegetables to enjoy along with recipe ideas.  The contents of the boxes vary throughout the season but the quantity remains consistent.  Scroll down to see the actual boxes of our most recent 15 week Standard Share membership.


This Membership page is currently closed while we gear up for our new 2020 memberships.  To make sure you don't miss the boat, add your name the waiting list by clicking the button below.

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