The following garlic varieties are all from the hardneck family.  Hardneck garlic is characterized by its stiff stalk and rich flavour.  The bulbs contain fewer, but larger cloves and typcially have thin skin that is easier to peel.  Hardneck varieties do not store as well as softneck garlics which is one reason why they are harder to find in the grocery store.



Characteristics:  The flavor is good, sweet and pungent, very hot when eaten raw.  It is an Italian variety brought back to Canada by Al Music in the 1980s from his homeland.  Averages about 5 cloves per bulb. 

Seed Supplier: Chain Reaction Urban Farm

Russian Purple

Characteristics:   The flavour of this large purple headed garlic has been described as mellow and similar to shallots with a mildly warm aftertaste that is smooth and not bitter.

Seed Supplier: Chain Reaction Urban Farm