"I love Chain Reaction Urban Farm - the concept and the amazing quality of the food. Having fresh, locally grown produce delivered right to my door (via bicycle) is a dream come true. I love the variety of vegetables and fruits and I've definitely eaten more fruits and vegetables this year as a result of joining CRUF. I will continue my membership for years to come! Love it."

Lisa Clark

"This was our first summer of membership and we loved the variety of fresh, local vegetables! Since there are only two people in our household we opted for the Starter Kit to ensure we didn't get too much produce. This was the perfect size for us to keep up. Most of the produce was very easy to pack into my lunch and take to work. The ability to switch out certain produce during pick up also allowed extra flexibility to ensure everything was eaten. The variety of produce also re-introduced me to some vegetables that I remember being on my Grandma's table (think parsnips and leeks!) and I loved being able to pull from her recipes to prepare food for my family."

Aleta Schellenberg 

"Picking up my vegetables was one one of the highlights of my summer. The vegetables were always impeccably washed and packaged, and always a lovely surprise. It is encouraging that these young people value the benefits of producing food locally, of modelling a lifestyle that is wholesome and healthy. We can all learn from them. Thank you Jared and Rachel." 

Connie Gutwin

"This was our first year and we felt it was well worth it, we bought almost no veggies in the store all summer long, ate only tasty organic stuff and got a few different crops to cook with was a fun challenge."

Jack Nolan

"Our farm share was shared between 3 family members living in 3 locations. We cannot often share meals but sharing the veggies and the dishes we made each week gave us the essence of family meals. Freshness, from good farming practices, made even snacking on raw carrots so delicious that it was something to talk about with each other!"

Susan Mills

"I loved our vegetable pick up days - the vegetables were always so beautifully presented and It was a great balance of having a wonderful surprise but also having that option to trade something you know you wouldn't use or didn't like. Thank you so much for growing our vegetables!"

 Marcelline and Brad Zimmer

"Living in an apartment limits the amount of food we can grow ourselves but being a part of Chain Reaction Urban Farm allowed us to get amazing produce delivered right to our door! We looked forward to our delivery every week and we were not disappointed. Jared is the kind of farmer you want to support: dedicated, thoughtful, and always revising his system to make it better. Even better, his produce tastes great! Just follow Chain Reaction Urban Farm on Instagram if you need proof!"

Adrian Werner

"We love being a member of Chain Reaction Urban Farm. The produce is delicious, the service is friendly and knowledgeable and we’re happiest knowing where our food comes from. Thank your Jared and Rachel for all that you put into your farm and our community."

Hilary and Arlin

"It was good but I spend more weeks away in the summer so it was not suitable for me."

Gail Haberstock

"This was my first year as a full member (previous Common Ground member). I loved the excitement of heading down and seeing what was in my box and planning my weeks' meals based on what was in there. I loved trying new things and being able to swap and shop the little market. It slashed my fresh food grocery bill because we were always using what we received. Jared was always helpful and checked in to see how I was doing with the selection and amounts that I was getting. Support local and never be disappointed!"

Nikki Gorgichuk

"It was such a great experience being a part of this farm business this year. It was a highlight of my week going to get our share! The recipe suggestions were very appreciated and used often. The produce was top quality!! It was great to have extra produce available to purchase. Great people, great business! Thanks!"

Dianne Marsh

"Excellent quality. That’s the most important thing for me and the drop off is handy (mosaic). I may not be in the area again next season. If I am, j will continue."

Devin Longmire

"What could be better than fresh, clean, beautiful vegetables grown locally, and dropped off by bike? Always prompt, great communicators, and I learned a lot of great recipes too this summer from you, Chain Reaction Urban Farm is excellent. I highly recommend them.  And yet another good reason to live in the core. Thanks!"

Karen Farmer


"I am a huge fan of Chain Reaction Farm.  I was thoroughly impressed with the quality and selection of produce, and felt it was excellent value for the price.  I never felt burdened by items that I didn't want to use.  The home delivery system is awesome.  Jared and Rachel do a great job of staying connected to their members. Their newsletter did a fantastic job of describing what would arrive that day, and offered great tips and recipes for using it. I would highly recommend a membership."

Susan Jorgensen

"We enjoyed the great taste of fresh produce. We used the recipes about half of the time and this gave us a new experience of cooking and creating a new meal together.  The recipes were extremely helpful and a welcome touch so that we used our vegetables and did not have food go to waste."

Jenn Selkirk

"This produce is the most beautiful produce you could possibly find. Everything is beautiful.  Not only that, but it is healthier for you, the local economy, and the environment too.  I'm so glad I signed up for this and I will be signing up again for the 2017 summer."

Caitlin Grant

"The highlight of my membership was learning to cook and eat delicious beet recipes. I was not a beet lover in the least. The quality of the vegetables was exceptional.  I particularly liked the option to buy additional vegetables at the pick up station so that my summer guests could also enjoy a taste of healthy, homegrown Saskatoon vegetables."

Audrey Kampen

"I found the quality of the produce to be excellent with a nice mix of products week to week. Recipes were most useful in preparing produce we are not regular users of. I believe Rachel and Jared are demonstrating what is entirely possible within the urban and local realm of sustainable food.  They have earned my family's ongoing support and we need to tell these stories often."

Gord Androsoff


"This was a great experience and we WILL renew our membership!  Thanks for all your hard work!"

Karen Linsley


"I have been a part of CSAs in the past, Chain Reactions' produce is consistently of high quality and clean. Jared and Rachel take care not to overwhelm members with strange foods or over-abundant quantities. In the past, I have composted some of my share. This year I was able to use the food I received in a timely fashion. If you have never tried a CSA, Chain Reaction is the perfect place to start."

Susan Ens Funk


"I was so thrilled to be a part of this! You guys did a beautiful job, I can't wait to see where you go from here!"

Tori Morris


"I really enjoy the quality and freshness of the produce and the flexibility offered by the farm stand.  I'll definitely do it again!"

Noelle Chorney


"You guys are the best. Nothing bad to say about the quality. Everything was so vibrant and delicious. 😊"

Darren Bailey


"I really enjoyed having this experience. Next summer we will be doing it however what we had found with this year was that some of our vegetables were going to waste or not being eaten and given away to friends.  We will probably try the one next year that has the selection each week.  Overall it was a very positive experience and we have been sharing our thoughts and ideas about it with friends."

McKenzie Mitchell


"The vegetables that we ordered were such that we knew we would consume them that week and would not spoil before we had a chance to eat them.  Everything was up to my expectation especially knowing it was your first year. It was a lot of work and I am sure you have gained much from this experience.  Keep up the great work."

Larry Fast


"Being a member of Chain Reaction Farms was an easy decision for our family. The convenience of having the food delivered to our door was the icing on the cake. Our family of 5 enjoyed fresh produce all summer, and when something unique was in the food box there was a recipe for it in my email. Jared and Rachel made it easy to be a member, and we always looked forward to our weekly deliveries."

Mitch Lowe


"This is a fantastic initiative for Saskatoon. The products are first rate and it is a program designed and executed in accordance with strong ecological principles. Jared and Rachel are true urban trail blazers. I am proud to be a part of this creative and respectful program."

Peter Gravlin


"The produce from Chain Reaction Urban Farm was beautiful, varied, and delicious. I was amazed each week by the flavour and enjoyed the meals it inspired me to make. Knowing the food was grown locally in a sustainable way by caring farmers gave it a story that I savoured. I also enjoyed the entertaining farm updates, delivery summaries, and recipes bundled together in each weekly e-mail. Thank you Jared and Rachel!"

Margot Gough