Winter Squash


Angel Hair Spaghetti Squash (Hybrid)

Characteristics:  Personal sized fruit of 1.5-2lbs perfect for single servings. Fruit are egg shaped with purposely stringy and sweet flesh.  Spaghetti squash can be baked or microwaved and served with our without sauce as a substitute for pasta.

Growing Period:  88 days

Seed Supplier: Johnny's Seeds

Seed Quality:  Standard


Gold Nugget (Heirloom)

Characteristics:  A personal sized 1-3lb orange/pink hubbard squash.  Plants remain compact bushes and may be planted more densely than vining squash types.  Dry, sweet orange flesh has a buttery flavour and is best enjoyed ager a month or more of storage.  Stores up to 6 months. 

Growing Period:  85 days

Seed Supplier: Chain Reaction Urban Farm

Seed Quality:  Standard


Orange Summer Kuri (Hybrid)

Characteristics:  A teardrop-shaped red-orange squash from Japan.  It is also known as Baby Red Hubbard or Orange Hokkaido.  This hybrid variety grows as a bush.  Production is reliable even in cool climates with short growing seasons.  Flesh is smooth, sweet, dry and orange. 

Growing Period:  95 days

Seed Supplier: West Coast Seeds

Seed Quality:  Standard

Bush Delicata

Characteristics:  Delicious smooth, nutty flesh with hints of butter and brown sugar. Skin starts creamy white with green stripes and flecks, curing to striped light yellow. Compact plants spread only 4-6 feet.

Growing Period:  80 days

Seed Supplier: High Mowing Organic Seeds

Seed Quality:  Organic